Getting started with Mason

Learn how to use Mason in 5 simple steps

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Create a new feature

Select a Mason feature to get started. Start with a pre-built template for a quick login flow, sign-up experience, content feed, and more. Or, start from scratch with a blank Canvas and build your custom experience visually.

Explore the Mason builder

Use the Mason builder to customize your pre-built feature or create a unique UI from scratch. Use containers and columns to organize your UI, then drop in elements like images, text, input forms, and more. Use the styling options to achieve pixel-perfection.

Invite your team

Mason is designed for everyone on your team, from product pros to marketing to engineering and beyond. Collaborate with your team to ensure every stakeholder’s feedback on your feature gets incorporated, faster than ever before.

Drop your feature into your site or app

Grab your favorite developer and ask them for five minutes—they’ll be able to quickly add the Mason library to your application or site. Then they’ll use the Export function to grab your feature’s code and drop it into your codebase. Boom—you’re live!

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Test things out, and edit on the fly

Need to make a quick copy change? What about changing a button color or replacing an image? With Mason, changes like that take seconds, and you don’t have to wait on a developer or deployment cycle to do it.

Ready to build with Mason?

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Get started today.

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