Mason Feed

Instantly enrich your user experience with content via content feeds, activity feeds, or status feeds.

Easily connect

Creating a feed has never been easier.

Mason Feed works by connecting a data source to a configurable UI. Mason abstracts away all the front-end logic and has engineering best practices built in.

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Works in any codebase.

Mason Feeds are designed to work with any codebase. Simply style your Feed, connect your data sources via our visual editor, and deploy a single line of code into any HTML file.

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Feed features

Uses your data

Mason Feed connects directly to any data source available via API, giving you total control.

Infinite scroll

Mason Feed comes with infinite scroll built in and it automatically works with any media type.

Pixel perfect

Mason Feed is customizable to pixel perfection. Implement any UI style.

Infinitely flexible

Connect any JSON data to Mason Feed. Instagram-style pictures? Text? We support it.

No maintenance

All Mason solutions are functional and up to date out of the box. All changes are continuously integrated.


Mason plugs directly into any existing backend with minimal refactoring.

Build and deploy robust feeds in your site or app in minutes, with Mason Feed.

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