Mason Auth

Easily create and deploy rich authentication and identity experiences natively in your digital products.


Secure by design

Mason Auth doesn't see, touch, or store your user identification or registration data. Mason is built with security in mind so you never need to think about it again.

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Deploy Auth experiences in seconds

Design and engineering best practices are baked into Mason Auth. Deploy a comprehensive Auth experience with register, login, and password reset built in.

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Auth features

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Mason Auth is secure by default. We never see or store your users' data.

Social sign-in

Add Facebook or Google social login capabilities with one click.


Add 2-factor authentication capabilities to your app with no custom configuration needed.


Implement your exact, pixel perfect UI in the Mason builder. It will be functional automatically.

No maintenance

All Mason solutions are functional and up to date out of the box. All changes are continuously integrated.


Mason plugs directly into any existing backend with minimal refactoring.

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